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Please contact us and submit a message below, if you have any enquiries or queries and we’ll contact you as soon as we can. 

Please see our service checklist below:

1.Check for gas tightness.

2.Check manifold and ductwork for any blockages.

3.Check the sump and empty if necessary.

4.Check condition of pans, clean the pans and clean stats.

5.Check outside of pans for over spill, if any then clean.

6.Check for any oil leaks, if any we seal them.

7.Strip down extractor fan, take off the motor and clean inside.

8.Check cabinet lights and heaters are working.

9.Check flame pictures to burners.

10.Check pilot light and flame failure device.

11.Check clock thermostats.

12.Check general condition of all electrical wiring.

13.Carry out a Monoxide & Carbon monoxide check.

14.Carry out a Gas flue analysis.

15.Take of steam arms and clean.

16.Generally check the condition of the range and report back to the customer